Friday, March 10, 2006


To the non-technophobic audience out there (which, I realize is everyone reading this, seeing as you clearly a) know what a blog is, and b) managed to find me here), this is just one miniscule new addition to the bazillions of online weblogs already out there. In other words, Not A Big Deal.

As if there weren't already something inherently self-absorbed in putting your daily, trivial, meandering thoughts on public display, I'm taking this a step further and making this blog about my journey as a new writer (with the occasional, non-writing related meandering thought, of course). I still have to resist the urge to look over my shoulder lest the Accurate Profession Police hunt me down and torture me into confessing my true occupation... that of an accountant. (And that's all you'll ever hear about that, I promise.). I should probably also mention at this point that I live in the Cayman Islands, so I get to travel quite a bit (mostly because the Cayman Islands are little more than three rocks in the middle of the ocean). So I may occasionally indulge in the travelogue type post. Humor me.

My first novel, Fashionably Late, is scheduled for release by Tor/Forge books in June 2007. When I sold it in March '06, June '07 seemed eons and eons away (as any interested friend or family member would whine), and then it was a year away and that had a nice catchy, comfortable ring to it (Interested party: When does your novel come out? Me: Oh, not for another year, pshaw!). But now the year has dwindled down to ten months... TEN! And there's still so much to do! Website (I don't even want to think about the work I still have to do for that...), getting blurbs (more on that later), PR, blogging (um... at least I'm making some headway in this department...) copyediting, more promo... oh, and somewhere in there I need to write novel number two and squeeze in some time for my day job and some semblance of a personal/social life. But don't let my whining mislead you - I'll whine about anything. Writing a book is still the craziest, zaniest, most fun and absolutely insane thing I've ever done... and my proudest accomplishment.

Hope you enjoy the blog! It probably won't be a daily affair as my life is just not that interesting, but I'll update at least a few times a week.