Thursday, August 10, 2006

First Blurbs!!

For those of you new or unfamiliar to the publishing process, a blurb is that snappy one (or two) liner recommendation from another author, usually one that writes in the same genre or style as the novel in question. Getting these 'blurbs' was another one of those responsibility that I was pretty shocked to find out falls squarely on the author's shoulders (sometimes editors and agents can help, and if your book is a lead title then the marketing department of the house will certainly help, but that's not the case for most of us!)

... So when both my agent and editor began educating me on just how important blurbs are to the promotion of your novel and then sent me off with a 'go get'em tiger!' look in their eyes,I felt a little deer-in-the-headlights-ish to say the least. That's when I really understood the power of networking and getting involved in the writing world. I went to my first conference before I had even finished my first novel. I joined Chick Lit Writers of the World and was pretty active on the posting board (until last year anyway...). So, lessons learned: be nice, genuinely nice, to your fellow writers whether unpubbed or not. If you read a novel you really enjoy, don't be shy to write the author and tell her/him - they're generally thrilled to hear from their normal, well-adjusted fans (as opposed to the ones writing from jail with marriage proposals. Sadly, I'm not kidding). Go to conferences if time/budget allows. Get involved in your chapter (if you're part of an organization).And this bears repeating, BE NICE. I'm sure most of you out there are, but hey, the writing world is no different from any other world. I've worked in a Big Four accounting firm and several world-class banks and office politics that feel like they belong on a soap opera or a high school classroom continue to floor me. People don't change all that much I guess... So resist the urge to join the 'clique' or to be catty in any way. Because when that day you've been waiting for all your life comes along you'll need all the help you can get, trust me... Plus isn't being nice its own reward??

Okay,without further ado, here are my first two blurbs from two AMAZING writers (and if you haven't read Hot Tamara and Adventures of A Salsa Goddess yet,RUN, don't walk, to your bookstore... Hot Tamara lives up to its title and just sizzles with sexual tension btw Tamara and Will while Adventures of A Salsa Goddess captures the world of Salsa clubs in North America so well that if you've ever been to one you'll laugh with recognition on every page, and if not, you'll want to get a piece of that action you've been missing out on).

"From the chic boutiques of Montreal to the sultry nightlife of Cuba, Fashionably Late sparkles with wit and humor. You will fall in love with Dajani's engaging Lebanese-Canadian heroine" - JoAnn Hornak, author of Adventures of a Salsa Goddess

"A compelling read for women who find themselves at the crossroads. It's a must-have for the most fashionable of book bags" - Mary Castillo, author of Hot Tamara

Yaaayyyyy!!!!! This is so exciting I could DIE.


Heather Davis Koenig said...


Hi, great blog! Congrats on the cover quotes. Those are fabulous.

Shannon McKelden said...

Awesome, Nadine! See, I told you you could do it! :-)