Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This is going to be a pretty light blogging week seeing as I have guests over (and it’s finally sunny again… whew!) and will be playing tour guide while holding down the day job until next Monday.

In fun news, I won myself a copy of Julie Let’s Dirty Little Lies on Diana's blog today (yaaaayyyy!!!), which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Today is also the release date of Cathy Yardley’s highly anticipated (at least by me) Will Write for Shoes: How to Write a Chick Lit Novel. Those of you familiar with my Cayman Islands’ lack of instant gratification rants will know that I’ll have to wait at least a week before I can get my hands on the book, but hey, I’ve been salivating after this one for ages now, so what’s another week?

I’m also three chapters away from the end of Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed which means I get to start Baby Proof soon, a novel I’m absolutely dying to read (among others… like Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto; Becoming Latina in 10 Easy Steps by Lara Rios; Cinderella Lopez by Berta Platas; In Between Men by Mary Castillo; Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes; How Nancy Drew Saved My Life, by Lauren LB… and that’s just the chick lit list!!!)

So, do any of you guys feel as guilty about reading when you should be writing as I do, or have you found a way to do a little bit of both without one activity taking over the other?

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Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Chiming in late to say, if you did read HOW NANCY DREW SAVED MY LIFE, I hope you enjoyed it! :)