Friday, January 05, 2007

Grey's Anatomy and The Problem with Men

I realize it may be a little late to post about this seeing as I saw the original blog entry several weeks ago, but I was busy and then I forgot. Perhaps I was unconsciously saving my rant for a light news week, or delaying having to post up my doomed New Year’s resolutions for the world to see. Whatever.

The blog entry in question was composed by a seemingly bitter young man who, like anyone who wants to avoid difficult answers, set up a poll on asking females at large this: if you had to choose between George and Alex, who would you pick?

The George referred to in this case is, of course, the affable, cuddly and hopelessly relationship-challenged George of Grey’s Anatomy, and Alex, the womanizing cad of the same show.


So women’s choices boil down to this: a sexy but cheating jerk, or a clueless nice guy. Huh.

What happened to the guys on the show who are actually getting some? Like say, Burke and Shepard?

I suppose the blogger may have purposely limited the choice as a means of trying to get down to the ‘essence’ of women’s nature, like, what are our true, deepest, core desires? To be loved as we are, or to be satisfied in bed? If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say that poor guy had just gotten dumped and decided to vent his disdain for womankind on the blogosphere.

I wonder if what the poor blogger meant to say was that we women are never happy because we aspire to snagging guys like Shepard and Burke while overlooking the puppy-eyed, tongue-tied, lost little boy panting at our feet (I’m assuming the author identifies with George since he explained at length that only a hedonistic, emotionally-challenged woman would go for Alex).

Grow up, whatever your name is. Women don’t want little boys (like George. I’m not buying the whole Callie storyline, btw.) Or frat boys (like Alex). Women want men. Like Burke and Shepard. Confident sans the machismo, in-control without being domineering, and tender when it counts. And being good in the sack never hurt either.

Good luck, my friend.

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Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I like Burke the most personally (except for the whole hand tremor lying thing!)...George is painful, McSteamy is too...too much...

THanks for the good wishes girl! I will DEFINITELY be in Dallas this year. You'll be doing a signing for FASHIONABLY LATE won't you? Wouldn't miss it for the world. :)