Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh Chick Lit, How I Love Thee

My little brother is currently visiting in my neck of the woods – er, sandbar – and I caught him blasting a song from a popular Disney soundtrack the other day.

“Don’t let your friends catch you listening to that crap,” I cautioned, even though I could probably recite any song Disney has come up with in the past fifty years backwards on a dime.

“What? You think I care what anyone else thinks? I’ll listen to whatever I want,” he quipped, without the tiniest hint of arrogance. It was pure, unabashed, king-of-the-world confidence talking.

In the spirit of confidence and courage in the face of what group-think no longer deems cool, I wish to re-affirm my love of Chick Lit. Not each and every single chick lit novel that ever made it onto the shelves, not the non-chick lit derivatives masquerading as chick lit (for a profound love of shoes does not a chick lit make), not even contemporary romances with a chick lit slant. For me, if it ain’t about a bad-ass chick finding herself in this big bad world, it ain’t chick lit.

After reading a bit in other genres after a l-o-o-o-ng stint of chick lit only reading, I realized I’d gotten used to the irreverent, in-your-face honesty of the chick lit novel, and other genres just feel like they’re holding out on me. What a good chick lit delivers like no other genre out there is a profoundly relatable experience for me as a woman living, working, watching TV, and being generally confused in the world today. Even if I’m not a shopaholic, have not slept with my best friend’s finacé, am not an Irish single woman suffering from depression, or have recently been fired from my waitressing/PR girl/second assistant to the stars/nanny/whatever job.

Are there lots of cardboard chick lit characters out there? Sure. Tons. Especially when there are so many of these novels to choose from. But I don’t care what anybody tells me – it’s the very irreverence of this genre that will ensure it sticks around for a long time to come.

Just in case I haven’t convinced you, I’m going to share with you, right here on this blog, quotes from some of the most famous chick lit novels out there, courtesy of my nifty new Chick Lit desk calendar (with the author’s permission, of course). I love this thing. Every day I have to keep myself from reading ahead, otherwise I’d be on November now. The best part is finding brilliant quotes from books I haven’t read but that are sitting in my towering TBR pile and thinking: DUDE – I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO GO OUT AND BUY THIS THING!

Case in point, this little nugget of wisdom from Mr Maybe by Jane Green. Ahem:

“Not that I want a one-night stand with Nick, just maybe a few weeks of delicious sex before saying goodbye with no broken hearts. One-night stands aren’t my style. I don’t think they’re anyone’s style, are they? Sure, we’ve all done it, but even when you can’t stand them, even when it’s just a drunken mistake after a party, you still want them to call, don’t you, even if it’s just so you can turn round and tell them you never want to see them again. It’s an ego thing. Definitely. I don’t want you, but I want you to want me anyway.”

Wasn't that fun?


Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Ahh, chicklit. I am in your boat, honey. I love chicklit too. My goal for after I finish writing my latest YA is to go and get some of the great chicklit out of my TBR pile and read them!

I read VENUS ENVY a few weeks ago, and loved it SO MUCH.

BTW, TAG! I just wrote a list of 10 rewarding experiences...your turn!

Nadine Dajani said...

OOOhhh.... tagged at month end.... EEEEVVVIIIILLLL, Dona Sarkar Mishra, you are eeeeeeevvvviiiilll! Those NAVs won't compute themselves, you know! : )

Baz said...

You wrote a Blog WHILE i was there and MENTIONED me without telling me!!!!!!!

ohhhh my friend, u have just signed your own death wish or even, assured yourself a foot lock.. (for those who aren't aware, death is a luxury compared to a foot lock)

Aside from that, i hate you.

A bit furthur aside, i miss you big sis(K)(K)(L)(L). (for the msn impared, those are kisses and hearts)

Your book is amazing, and i know, i know, you couldint have done it without me. Thank me when you become a millionaire;)

I love you with all my heart and im so proud of you.

It has become an obligation to accomplish at least half of what you have in order to call myself your brother, i swear. You and your sister equally. The main drives in my life, inspiration for all and reminder that there is still great people out there, amongst all the sharks and bears in our world today.
I'm the luckiest kid alive to have you two by my side, and ill never forget that.

cant wait to see you.

Yalla im out,

Love you so verry verry much Nad.

Love, Your baby bro