Sunday, April 01, 2007

My First Interview!

Two major posts in one weekend - are happening at a dizzying pace or what?

Paris Mansouri, one-time senior editor for the Egyptian fashion magazine Enigma, contributor for CBC as well as a Host Hunt hopeful, a reality show based on the quest for a new host for one of Canada's most renowned fashion exports, Fashion File has asked me to be a guest on Montreal's CJAD!

I'd be freaking out except I still can't believe this straight-out-of-a-movie turn of events.

Paris co-hosts the cutting-edge-of-cool pop entertainment radio show with Merv and Chris who will probably be quizzing me about how an accountant could pull off writing a book about fashion, Cuba, love in the tropics, with a pinch of Middle-Eastern spice thrown in for laughs.

The best part? You can tune in online at sometime after 9 PM Eastern time and listen to my very first radio interview. Be kind. I'm learning.

And don't hesitate to write and tell me how much I rocked/sounded like a total dufus/killed/put you to sleep.

Oh, and Paris is GIVING AWAY the VERY FIRST COPY OF FASHIONABLY LATE to the first caller to get the answer to a FL-trivia question right (I am told no prior knowledge of rocket science will be needed to get this right)

So tune in. Please. If only for the comedy factor involved in witnessing an author's first attempts at self promotion. Hey, I didn't call this blog Confessions of a Newbie Novelist for nuthin'!

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Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I am so annoyed I missed the radio show :(

How did it go, details please!

BTW, TAG! Top 10 Fave Movies...but first I want the details of your VERY FIRST RADIO INTERVIEW AS A FULL TIME WRITER!