Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Single Mama Drama

1. Drop off Fashionably Late artwork at label place for gift bag labels
2. Buy sticky labels for invitations
3. Drop off sticky labels at printing place, beg and plead that they print them ASAP as party is in a mere 3 weeks
4. Drop off FL ARC for reporter at local paper

... and that was just lunch. I'm in a mind to nap under my desk.

For all my moaning and complaining, here's a timely article about people who have it quite a bit worse, namely unwed moms and how most of them didn't get pregnant the Angelina Jolie way.

What I'm reading: On Writing by Stephen King. I'd always heard this was one of the best but its non-traditional format turned me off - I wanted writing advice and I wanted it NOW! No time for stories about Stephen's older brother Dave and his humble upbringing. Well, turns out it was my loss, because this is a little gem of both literature and how-to craft guidebook.


Dona Sarkar-Mishra said... slacker (just kidding, WHO am I to talk??) Quit the day job yet? Didya didya? Do you like how I'm living vicariously through you??

Anonymous said...

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